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  Bengal kittens bred with Love

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario and are registered as a breeder with TICA(42411).

We are very passionate about our Bengal cats and they are part of our family! All our Bengal cats are treated with lots of hugs and kisses since they are brought to life. We do NOT cage our cats and they are free to roam around the house. We do have a special room that is “kitten-proofed” for kittens that are not old enough to venture out.

All of our studs and queens are tested negative for FIV/FeLV/Coronavirus, PKDef, PRA, HCM. Please visit our studs and queens pages to view test results. 

Our kittens are sold as domestic pets and they will be sterilized and microchipped before adoption. 

The kitten will leave with proper vaccination and three deworming treatment together with their health documentation from our veterinary and TICA registration slip. 

On top of our 2-year health guarantee on congenital defects, we also include insurance coverage for 30 days(US and Canada only) from Trupanion so that you have one less thing to worry about. As you embark on your adventure together, we help protect your new addition with unlimited coverage for all new injuries and illnesses.

We do consider selling our kittens with Breeding rights for experienced breeders that are outside the Province of Ontario in Canada (with the exception to catteries that do not share any common genetics pool)

Please register with us if you are interested in adopting our retiring kings and queens. The list is managed in a first come first served manner.


We offer 🆓FREE DELIVERY to Toronto (including GTA), Montreal (including Greater Montreal), Quebec City, Hamilton, Mississauga, Kingston and cities within vicinity Ottawa. 

For US🇺🇸, we are able to meet you on the Canadian side near Derby Line Port of entry, Massena Port of Entry, Ogdensburg Port of Entry, Alexandria Bay Port of Entry and other port of entries within vicinity of Ottawa.

For cities that are outside our free delivery boundary, we offer 🇨🇦Domestic and 🌏International shipping services. 

We share 50% of the shipping cost to the nearest major airport of your choice(applicable to domestic shipping ONLY). 

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Why People Love Us

Yao Wang
Yao Wang
Maple bengals is a professional and enthusiastic breeder that offers friendly and personal service. I met my beautiful angel here, extremely sociable and well trained smartie🥰
best socialized kitten ever
Shawn Wang
Shawn Wang
Overall, I had a great experience with Maple Bengal Cattery! The kitten Dudu itself is well trained by her parents and cared by breeder with love. Dudu loves me as new owner and get used to her new home since day 1. Use of litter box, adopt to new food bowl and water fountain - no problem at all. Her personality is also same as description with the Breeder. Other than the kitten it self, the Breeder provide detailed contract for sign, always provide update/photos for the kitten, also vaccines/microchip/spray, everything helpful for me as a beginner. 5/5, no complaints at all and will recommend this Cattery to anyone would like a Bengal at home.
Becky Li
Becky Li
My baby Mai was coming from this lovely cattery with well training and lots of care, she jumped on my laps while I was working and slept with me on the first day when she arrived home. I put a deposit on Mai when she was just born, and from all those video Maplebengals sent me I could see lots of love she was having at the breeder. Mai arrived healthy and with super good appetite. I found this breeder on TICA website and realized Maplebengals have one of the best customer service after sold. Maplebengals also provided full vaccination and spay surgery before going to new home. Overall, really amazing adoption experience. Definitely recommend!

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