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Updated on 2024-Apr-08

** We have kittens!!! *

Our kittens will be available for reservation when they reach to 2 months old after they get the first vaccination and vet check. We want to make sure everything is ok with the kitten before we open the reservation. 

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Reserve your spot on the waiting list with a CAD$200 deposit to get to choose first!

Current Litters

Udon X Champion Jasmine


Code Name: Kero-chan

Reserved by Davina.Z

Brown Rosette Bengal – Show quality

Small round ears, very good ear position, big round nocturnal eyes, very nice side profile, strong chin, pear-shape whisker pads, big paws. Thick tail, not too long, not too short. High contrast arrow-head rosette pattern. Desirable white belly from his mom’s gene, hopefully he can keep it. 

Code Name: Yue

Reserved by Yi.Y
Snow Mink Rosette Bengal

Code Name: Sakura

Reserved by YiQ.Z
Brown Rosette Bengal

Available Retired Cat


Zallycatz Riju of MapleBengals

Riju has a shy personality but is very gentle and elegant. We enjoy playing with her using the teaser because of her gentleness. She has a very thick tail, very muscular and shorter limbs which makes her look extra cute. She has high-contrast rosette spots.

Genetic test: PRA N/N, PKDef N/N, FIV/FeLV/Coronavirus Negative

She is already spayed and ready to go home anytime


Panachebengals Solar Serpahin of MapleBengals

Solar has a really rare white tummy that would amaze everyone. She has seductive green eyes, small and round ears, shiny silky glitter coat. She has a very outgoing personality and she is a fitness fanatic that loves running on the cat wheel every time before meal. Solar carries one copy  of dilute color gene.

Genetic test: PRA N/N, PKDef N/N, FIV/FeLV/Coronavirus Negative

Reserved by Gayle

Upcoming Litters

Udon x Zelda

Snow and Brown kittens are expected


Udon x Maplebengals Peach

Brown, Snow kittens are expected


Udon x Vesta

Snow kittens are expected


2024 Planned Breeding

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