Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us for more information. If everything suits you, a CAD$400 non-refundable deposit is required to hold him/her. The kitten will be ready to go home a week after spay/neuter surgery, at which time the remaining balance will be required. 

Please simply contact us to be added to our waiting list. A non-refundable deposit of CAD$200 is required which will be deducted from the price of your future kitten. You will be able to choose your Bengal first, with the other people on the waiting list (in order of arrival).

If this happens, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The kitten could become available, and we will let you know.

  • The best way is to be added to our waiting list, allowing you to be the first to know and choose when your turn comes(CAD$200 non-refundable deposit required)
  • The another way is to subscribe to our newsletter. It’s free and you will receive an email as soon as new available kittens are posted on our website.

Unlike most cat breeds, Bengals are all different in color, pattern, rosettes shape, contrast and general pattern so all kittens are evaluated individually.

Price subject to change without notice

  • Pet Marbled/Sparble Kitten: CAD$1500 – CAD$2000
  • Pet Rosette Kitten: CAD$2000 – CAD$2600
  • Brown/Snow Lynx: CAD$2000 – CAD$2200
  •  Snow Mink/Snow Sepia/Charcoal: CAD$2200 – CAD$2400
  • Silver/Smoke: CAD$2400 – CAD$2600
  • Kitten With Breeding Right: From CAD$3000 and vary according to genetic banding, color and line
  • Includes:
  • Contract
  • Neuter/Spay surgery (when kittens reach to minimum 14 weeks old, depends on the kitten’s condition and vet suggestion)
  • 5-year warranty against congenital diseases (Including HCM)
  • Veterinarian health checks
  • 2 RCCP vaccines
  • regular deworming treatments
  • International microchip
  • Pure breed TICA registration certificate
  • Breeders are warranty to be fertile
  • Starting kit including Carrier, Toys, Food, Treats etc
  • Exceptional after-sales services for a lifetime

The kittens will have received vaccinations for RCCP (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydia and panleukopenia).

If mailing internationally, vaccination of Rabies will be given also.

Yes. Our written health contract will cover your kitten for any diseases/illnesses detected by your veterinarian within the first week with you. Additionally, if your kitten die by 5 years of age from a congenital defect(including HCM), you will receive another equal value kitten. 

We deliver our kittens worldwide (by plane). We take care of everything so that your new companion arrives safe and sound. You only need to pick him up at the nearest airport.

Although the litter is already registered, once you name your kitten, you can also register him/her individually. I will provide you with the TICA registration form and provide you with any information you may require.

Yes! Bengal cats love children, dogs and other cats because it puts action into their lives. It’s only a matter of time before they play and sleep together. Make sure you have respectful kids and pets for your new Bengal cat.

The sex of your new kitten does not matter as long as both are neutered or spayed. They will get along very well whether they are of the same sex or not. The age gap will make a bigger difference.

As long as your companion is neutered or spayed, there is not much difference between the sexes. Usually, males tend to be more affectionate, and females are more independent, but over the years we have noticed that females can be extremely affectionate and loving as well. You can have shy males and really extroverted females, and vice versa. It all depends on their own personality. Each kitten or cat is different, and that’s why we always try to place the good Bengal cat in the right family.

The correct answer is yes, they are hypoallergenic, but to fully understand that answer, you must realize that hypoallergenic does NOT mean allergy-free; it means “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.”  Compared to other cat breeds, Bengal cats are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in people is becuase:

  • they are short-haired with only one coat and, as such they are less likely to groom. Less dander production!
  • they shed much less than other breeds. Less airborne danger!