Adoption & Pricing


We require a CAD$400 non-refundable deposit to reserve your kitten(or CAD$200 if you have already made a first deposit of CAD$200 to be on the waiting list). This amount will be deducted from the price of your Bengal kitten. We always allow a delay of 48 hours to those interested to send the deposit. After this delay, the kitten will be offered to another interested family. Deposits are not refundable or transferable to another kitten.

Date of Departure:

Our Bengal kittens are ready to join their new family between the ages of 12 and 17 weeks, depending on the kitten’s condition, neuter/spay surgery date and country of destination. Once they reach this age, they have had the opportunity to build a good immune system, they have been completely socialized and they are litterbox trained.

Our Bengal Cat Price:

Unlike most cat breeds, Bengals are all different in color, pattern, rosettes shape, contrast and general pattern so all kittens are evaluated individually.

Price subject to change without notice

The Price Of Our Bengal Kittens Includes:

* Prices do not include shipping costs (shipping within Canada is typically $350, unless an overnight stay is required)

* Discount of 20% are provided to those who already own a MapleBengals Bengal Cat

* Pet Insurance from Trupanion is only applicable if you are located in US or Canada

Shipping Methods:

🐆 We offer 🆓FREE DELIVERY to Toronto (including GTA), Montreal (including Greater Montreal), Quebec City, Hamilton, Mississauga, Kingston and cities within vicinity Ottawa. 

🐆 For US, we are able to meet you on the Canadian side near Derby Line Port of entry, Massena Port of Entry, Ogdensburg Port of Entry, Alexandria Bay Port of Entry and other port of entries within vicinity of Ottawa.

🐆 For cities that are outside our free delivery boundary, we offer 🇨🇦Domestic and 🌏International shipping services. 

🐆 We share 50% of the shipping cost to the nearest major airport of your choice(applicable to domestic shipping ONLY). 

Payment Methods:

Please note that the remaining balance on the price of your Bengal kitten or cat must be paid 1 week prior his or her departure.

Retired Adult Bengal Cat Adoption:

We regularly have adult Bengals that have been breeding in our program and are now available for adoption. On occasion, it may be a kitten that we kept here, but later we decided not to reproduce him or her. All of our adults are spayed/neutered, microchips and up to date in their vaccinations before they leave. They will be available for the cost of their operation. We will choose the best home that can give our retired studs and queens their forever loving families.