Steps to adopt one of our kittens!

  1. Read through our Adoption & Pricing page
  2. Pay the CAD$200 non-refundable deposit via email transfer (send to info@maplebengals.com)
  3. Sign the waitlist deposit agreement
  4. Wait for kittens to be available!

Pet Waitlist

Our waitlist is updated regularly as deposits are received. Please note that we maintain a No Contact list for clients that are either not responding to 3 emails/messages in a row, or for clients requesting not to be contacted. However, since clients remain on our waitlist indefinitely, they do have the option of being re-added to the current list at any time. Everyone on this list has paid the CAD$200 non-refundable deposit.

*We reserve the right to keep any kittens and sell Breeder Quality Kittens to those interested in adding to their approved breeding program. Also, if we need to replace any kittens due to our health contracts we will provide that replacement before moving down the waitlist.

Name – deposit date – gender preference – color/pattern preference – notes

Updated Nov 22nd, 2023

Queenie Y – May 13th, 2022 – F – Snow, Charcoal

YiY P – Jun 9th, 2022 – F – Any Colour – Preferably Snow – Delay to 2024

Yi S – Jun 30th, 2022 – F/M – Brown

Susan A – Mar 7th, 2023 – F – Brown

YiX L – May 26th, 2023 – F – Brown

Lynn L – Aug 4th, 2023 – F -Snow

Cindy S – Aug 28th, 2023 – F/M – Snow/Brown

Lucia – Sep 18th, 2023 – F – Snow/Brown

Nikki C – Oct 12th, 2023 – F/M – Snow/Brown

Ilona Z – Nov 6th, 2023 – F/M – Brown

Tian X – Nov 16th, 2023 – M – Brown/Snow